Felicity Gleeson is a textile and womenswear designer based in Sydney, Australia. Her work is built on beautifully crafted textiles with a thoughtful fashion application. Through creative collaboration Felicity develops textile artworks based on conceptual ideas. Every design is created from a range of personally crafted mediums including weaving, embroidery, printing, illustration, painting, photography and graphic manipulation. Felicity creates original textiles and womenswear, if you have a story or concept let her transform it into a unique piece or something to be repeated.

Felicity is currently developing a capsule collection and is available for freelance design work and commissions, say hello@felicitygleeson.com



Trace draws on our sense of touch and the humanness of craft. Focusing on the handmade and the adaptation of traditional handcrafts this collection is an exploration of texture and tactility. Trace is influenced by the creative process of Sheila Hicks, Louise Bourgoise, Agnes Martin, Anni Albers and the small flaws and unmistakable traces of the hand in their work. This collection displays an ambiguous materiality; wool wadding, organza, jersey and plasticised lace are combined with laser cutting and bonding to create original textiles. Silhouettes are minimal and striking with textures built up through layering. Trace is built on beautifully crafted fabrics with a very thoughtful fashion application.



Photographer: Tane Coffin

Model: Melina Martin

Hair + Makeup: Joel Phillips


Shot and Directed: Sam de Teliga

Edited: Patrick de Teliga


Say hello@felicitygleeson.com